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New-Tox Ampoule


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The RINGER BY LAB NEW-TOX AMPOULE is a serum that is purely meant to treat wrinkles and fight signs of aging. The ampoule also helps in increasing the skin elasticity that in turn helps to tighten the skin. It also reduces the visible fine lines and dark patches from the skin and clears the skin off impurities and dirt. The RINGER BY LAB NEW-TOX AMPOULE also helps to sooth irritated skin and smoothen the dry the rough skin. It provides enough moisture and nourishment to the cells from deep within. The ampoule evens out the skin tone and increases the skin complexion. It also protects the skin from harmful external factors that could damage the skin’s texture. Use the ampoule on a regular basis to get best results. The method of applying the ampoule is to dab drops onto your face and gently massage into your skin and ensure it is well absorbed. This will leave your skin smooth and soft and with a natural glow.

Category: Skin care