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The Bamboo Of Damyang Moisture Essence from the house of Nature Republic is a moisture-rich essence that besides enriching the skin, helps the skin becoming ready for more absorption of moisture and forms a shield of moisture.

This skincare line has been developed especially for the benefit of dry and dull skin. Bamboo is full of moisture that goes into the dry skin and moistens it up from inside making it supple. The Bamboo essence is made by mixing Bamboo leaf extract, Bamboo water, Bamboo rullus culture, Peony root extract, Water soluble collagen, Aloe Vera juice, Okra Bran extracts and many more such organic ingredients. The bamboo helps in fighting signs of premature aging and helps to heal the damaged skin.

This essence helps in preparing the skin for better absorption of the cream or lotion by creating a moisture path in the skin. It also forms a protective moisturizing membrane that doesn’t let impurities enter the skin pores.

It comes in a 40ml bottle. Cleanse and tone your face. Then take a little essence and gently massage it into the skin. You will see it is instantly absorbed and forms a membrane on the skin. Following it with the lotion or cream from Bamboo of Damyang range will complete your daily care.