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Snaytox Essence


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The Nature Republic brand Snaytox Essence lessens wrinkles formation and gives the skin a silky matt finish. The essence has a creamy texture for easy application. Its ingredients include dimethicone 1.9%, water, shea butter, glycerin, many extracts such as those of grapefruit, mistletoe leaf and lycium Chinese fruit to mention just a few, adenosine, some permissible chemicals, fragrance, and colors. The essence must be used only for topical application and application should not be resumed if it causes irritation or riches. Like all external application products, it should not be applied to the mouth and eyes. Keep the bottle out of children's reach. To apply the product, the Synatox toner must be applied first. After that, take some emulsion in your hand and apply uniformly on the full face. Massage the applied area gently to speed up the absorption. The essence comes in a plastic cylindrical gold colored 40ml bottle with a small white nozzle to avoid excess spillage.