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Pro Beauty Kissable Lipstick RD805


New product

For people that are always running late or people, those are whole lazy to go through the whole process of getting ready, this Jipson product is a magic weapon. This thing can instantly glam-up any outfit that you wear. The product is completely made from skin friendly materials. This lipstick will provide a glossy coat over your lips and it tends to suit the skin better. Vivid color like dyed with one paint is transparent through the half matte shiny, realizing pure tingling. The advanced creamy formula will seal the moisture and keep the gloss for hours.

• Gives an ultra-glossy finish.
• Having ultra-light weight container.
• It slips smoothly and does not become sticky.

Additional Information:-
Jipson is a world-class brand known for its scientifically-advanced and innovative makeup formulas, This Jipson product is energetic and impulsive. It is for sure that you will be envied for how well you wear those lip shades! Light strokes to the edges of your lips which create the distinctly angled mold conveying your contagious passion for life.

Apply your lipstick by starting in the center of your lip.
Work from the center to the outer edges of your lip for a gorgeously perfect finish.