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Placenta [EX] Night Cream


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The PLACENTA [EX] NIGHT CREAM is a cream for women that help to reduce the formation of wrinkles on the face. Wrinkles happen due to factors like stress, unhealthily food habits and other similar factors. The night cream helps to slow down the aging process and improves the elasticity of the skin. This will provide a firmer and younger looking skin. The main ingredient in this night cream is dimethicone which helps to give a protective layer to the skin and keeps the skin moist for a longer time. It also helps to increase the skin tone and whiten the skin complexion. Night creams help the natural process of skin repairing and restoring. The texture of the PLACENTA [EX] NIGHT CREAM is a lot heavier than a day cream and is enriched with ingredients that nourish and relax your skin. The best way to use a night skin cream is to first rinse your face with a cleanser and then apply the required quantity of the night cream. Massage in circular motion with your fingers until well penetrated into skin.

Volume: 50 milliliter