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Agata Essentiel Petal Mask


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Agatha Essential Petal Mask is from the famous brand Mizon. The product provides rich nutrients and moisture to the skin. The Agata petal mask is formulated with rose petals which help to soothe your skin. The volume of petal mask is 70ml. The benefits of this product are:

1. Soothing mask with rich nutrients; to describe the mask it is a wash-off type mask which consists of rose petals, that enables to moisten the irritated skin and make it clear and smooth.

2. Effect of red flower complex essence, the essence extracted from flowers nourishes the skin and makes it healthy.

3. Moisture content relaxes the skin; the mask is provided moisture so it makes irritated skin to revitalize.

Main ingredients in Mizon's petal mask are safflower extract, Western rose oil, red poppy petal extract, sweetbrier extract and camellia flower extract. To give deep hydration a high amount of rose essence and oils from natural plants are used. Petal mask also protects your skin from environmental damage.

Tips for storage
Please close the cap after using.
Keep it away from children.
Avoid high and low temperature also direct sunlight
Accidentally if it goes into eyes, rinse with water
Cosmetic products should not be eaten if goes into mouth spit it and consult a doctor.

Cleanse your face then apply the thick amount to your face, massage for 15-20 minutes then clean with water.
Caution: If irritation, redness or eczema occurs consult a doctor.