1. What benefits will I get if I create an account on your website?

A. If you decide to create your account on our website, you will get a number of benefits. For instance, you will be going to experience personalized profile in which the products of your choice will show up more frequently. As far as we are concerned, we will also get to know more about our consumers' priorities.

2. I would like to know if there exists any retail store that is physically present nearby my locality. Is there any?

A. Presently, we do not keep any retail stores as in physical brick-and-mortar form, but will definitely let you learn about its whereabouts if we start any such kind of shop(s).

3. Will these cosmetic products produce any form of side effects?

A. No, these cosmetic products do not have the tendency to generate side effects, since these are carefully examined by the dermatologists. Moreover, we always believe in transparency and hence, the product description as well the ingredients are properly mentioned. This will help our visitors to go through each detailing and decide whether he or she is interested in buying that.

4. Do you have the provision of free samples? I want to try few.

A. No, we do not have the provision of free samples as of now. But we will surely tell you about this if that kind of deal shows up later in the future.

5. How do you secure your consumers' data?

A. We use the latest SSL technology to safeguard your Credit card data. Moreover, this does not get stored for permanent, but only during the online money transaction. Rest other details such as your name, address, PIN, phone number, etc. are with us only if you provide us willingly. We never circulate any of your personal information unless it is very necessary.

For instance, to get your parcel reach your doorsteps, your contact number and address is necessary to reveal. Moreover, everyone who is professionally involved with us has to follow certain norms, which will not affect your security in any manner. For more details, kindly refer our Privacy Policy.

6. Can I buy your products and then get them transmitted to different geographic location?

A. You are free to buy lots of items and send them at a wide range of different locations by just modifying the address part each time you make an online purchase.

You may contact us directly via e-mail or phone number to clarify more doubts.