Shipping Policy

Delicastyle ships from Monday to Friday in mornings from 9 to 6, except on holidays. Your order usually gets dispatched roughly within 24 hours of confirmation.

Considering the various needs of customers, delicastyle have two shipping options, DHL and Express shipping. Express shipping is done in 2 to 3 days while DHL shipping demands 4 to 5 days. The shipping expenses are displayed when the customer checks out. Customarily, our shipment is set to DHL shipping. You have to choose Express shipping if you want to get it early.

The shipping charges shown here are from our warehouse to the address within the destination country or state. The displayed shipping charge is not inclusive of additional charges like import taxes, other local charges as per a customer's post office or state government's rule if it is outside our state or country. So, a customer has to pay that additional charges and we request you to learn about such import rules and norms applicable in your place in advance itself. You will be responsible for not getting your packet due to your own ignorance and non-payment.

Please be available at the address at the estimated time of delivery to receive the packet, or at least arrange someone trusted to receive it. In case if both the above-mentioned arrangements cannot be done, your parcel may return back to your post office and be held there for additional days until someone arrives to collect. So, please check the post office after the estimated days of delivery and tell us if they have (or haven't) got any. You will be supported in every possible way.

The possibility of natural disasters (Act of God) and human-based obstacles cannot be ignored. It could be an earthquake, flood, drought, famine, tsunami, fire, atomic explosion, terrorist activities, riots, etc. Obviously, these would make our process delayed for some time. We wait for it to get receded, if not, we will cancel everything and refund the payment.

Return and Refunds

Return policy studies the causes for our customers' return of a product that completed its delivery. Customers have the right to claim return if he/she have received a damaged or wrong product in count or type or size. We don't make our customers wait for a long period although we take some days as the process wants time. We assure that either the product will be replaced or money gets repaid. We do not provide the returns if the time limit is surpassed and also if the products have no fault at all.

We do make refunds if we are convinced about the genuineness of the case. These cases include as follows –

Even after specifying a correct or full address for the delivery and have checked the post office, still didn't get the product, OR the goods got damaged during the time of consignment and were found so while opening, OR the product ordered and received were different in size, number or the product itself. Whichever case happens, Please do notify us, our customer care department will take proper action and fix your issues. Your claims will be under our research to check if everything is genuine.  Further actions will be taken once proven.

The refund process will be done as quickly as practicable but that might appear relatively late in your account which could require about 10 to 15 days. If it doesn't get credited even after that period, you must talk to the particular Credit card authorities. We will not be able to refund your money if all cases are not explained.


Cancellations are approved if you quickly inform us within 24 hours of an order made. It will not be able to get reverses if the product is out for delivery from our warehouse, which takes 24 hours or less time. Cancellations are not carried out if the product is forwarded for delivery, whatever the cause may be. You will need to promptly inform our customer care department.

For additional information or inquiries, call us.